Cindy Wright is from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  She resides with her husband on a small farm where they’ve raised two beautiful girls surrounded with animals and nature.  This website is her portfolio of art work collected from years of artistic practice. Here you can navigate artworks from the past and present.  Inquire about commission pieces and shop for greeting cards.


Artist statement

    “Drawing, painting and photography have been the pillars of my artistic life.  I remember the first time drawing when I picked up a pencil and was in awe over the marks this ‘piece of wood’ made on paper!  The discovery of photography was my next ‘wow’ when I won a polaroid camera at age four. Painting was introduced to me in my early teens. The blessing of this artistic gift along with discipline and dedication has me constantly looking to refine my art practice.  Primarily self taught, I acknowledge the significant influence many talented artists have had on my work. Graham Flatt, Miranda Jones, Paul Trottier, Dean Bauche are a few of the artists that I give credit to for my growth.

 Watercolours are my primary medium to paint in. I find this medium delightfully challenging as the relationship between the paint, paper and water are not only beautiful but also unpredictable. I am also versatile in other mediums such as pencil and acrylics.  My subject matter is one that reflects the ‘everyday’ of country living. I love flora but am equally passionate about capturing the essence of farm animals.”

My Happy place_edited.jpg